Microstrip Lines and Slotlines. K. C. Gupta

Microstrip Lines and Slotlines

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Microstrip Lines and Slotlines K. C. Gupta
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Firstly, with given Zo (single line characteristic impedance), er (relative dielectric constant of the substrate) and C (coupling of the coupled lines) determining shape ratios for equivalent single microstrip lines. Balanced microstrip line replaces traditional ground plate to be the reflector of the Yagi-Uda antenna. Microwave Engineering Second Edition, Wiley, New York 1998; Edwards, T. Microstrip lines and slotlines / K. I have a rectangle slot in the ground (Bottom) and microstip line in the top, how can i make the model ? For advance microstrip line theory, design and applications, particularly in MMIC design. Microwave Engineering http://www.mediafire.com/?y22pc1q6vdb7n27. This text provides design and analysis data on planar microwave transmission structures including microstrip lines, slotlines and coplanar waveguides. A simple and compact printed Yagi-Uda antenna fed by balanced microstrip-slotline and its array are presented based on [13, 14]. The best key search Microstrip Lines and Slotlines (2nd Edition, 1996) - Bhartia Bahl Garg Gupta pdf. MicroStrip Lines and Slot Lines http://www.mediafire.com/?vv1s6444d8dr7r5. Coverage includes theory, analysis, and design of microstrip lines; microstrip discontinuities; slotlines; coplanar lines; and coupled microstrip lines. We need to understand some given-references because this book contains many of journal papers which sometimes. Antenna Theory & Design (2nd Edition, 1997) - Stutzman - Solution Manual http://rapidshare.com/files/16939480anStut2e97.rar. Foundations for microstrip circuit design, Wiley Chichester, Wes 1991; Gupta, K. Radial microstrip slotline feed network for circular mobile communications array. Implementations of the coax probe and slot-coupled microstrip line feed. Antenna Theory http://www.mediafire.com/?ma9o20fuvcb4vin.